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24 June 2010 @ 10:08 am
Massive friends CUT  
long time no see, I know, and I am back with scissors!

It was my first friend's cut, and I feel strangely at ease, I must say...:@)

I cut half of those who were in my FL and that's for the normal, typical reasons:

- You never commented on my entries, and maybe this means you had no time to read or you did not find them interesting, in both cases...
- You were not updating since ages
- I don't even remember why we were friends (and I don't think this is good...)

So, sorry, but I had to do it ^^

To all the rest of my FL list, thank you for commenting and being there @};-

and now, coffee time!
Lately I am enjoying more than ever long and hot coffees... ~O).

Nothing interesting to say at the moment, or better... I'd have something to say but I am at work now (and I'd also have to work, you know... LOL... but I don't want at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall)

To some of you: Sorry for being discontinuous with my comments and dead on MSN messenger, but I am really busy in these days! But I'll try to reply today and to update my LJ soon. I have a lot of beautiful pix to show ^^ :P

ja, mata

silent_passion_: bishounen kira~silent_passion_ on June 24th, 2010 08:44 am (UTC)
^__- non c'è di che!
Grazie anche a te per esserci sul mio LJ!

Ahaha il mio stesso pensiero, in effetti... <_< Devo dire che è da un pezzo che non provo la sensazione della leggerezza da taglio di capelli... XP (né programmo di provarla nell'immediato futuro)... ma intanto, mi occupo delle entità inspiegabili che sono presenti nella mia friendlist! :D Buona giornata anche a te!